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Start Date:Reopening 15th September 2016
Total Flights:201
Total Flights Today:0
Total Flights Month:0
Total Flight Hours:21,413 hrs
Total Pax Carried:659,134
Total Fuel Burned:1,673,433 lbs
Total Flight Miles:109,898 nm
Total Aircraft In Fleet:77
Total Schedules:1,749

Pilot Statistics

On Leave 3
Active 2

Pilot Domiciles

Italy Italy 2
Iran, Islamic Republic Of Iran, Islamic Republic Of 2
Germany Germany 1

Pilot Achievements

Achievement Total Pilots
Flight Achievements
100+ Flights
250+ Flights
500+ Flights
1000+ Flights
Hour Achievements
100+ Hours 3
250+ Hours 3
500+ Hours 3
1000+ Hours 3

Pilot Rank Statistics

Rank Total Pilots
Trainee Trainee 1
Second Officer Second Officer 0
First Officer First Officer 1
Senior Flight Instructor SFI Senior Flight Instructor SFI 1
Chief Flight Instructor CFI Chief Flight Instructor CFI 2


ICAO Hub Members
EDDF Frankfurt Int. Airport HQ & HUB 2
EDDL Dusseldorf Int. Airport HUB 1
LTFJ Istanbul Gökçen Int. Airport HUB 1
LTAI Antalya Int. Airport HUB 1

10 Most Popular Routes

Flight Times Flown Departure Arrival Distance Aircaft
1 SXS118811 7 LTAJ LTFC 403 nm B737-800
2 SXS118811 7 LTFC LTFH 451 nm B737-800
3 SXS2109 5 EDDS EKCH 460 nm B737-800
4 SXS118811 5 LTFH LTBY 326 nm B737-800
5 SXS118811 5 LTBY LTFE 245 nm B737-800
6 SXS118811 5 LTFE LTCK 761 nm B737-800
7 SXS4002 5 EDDM EDDL 0 nm B737-800
8 SXS4005 5 EDDL EDDH 0 nm B737-800
9 SXS4044 5 LEMG EDDL 0 nm B737-800
10 SXS4086 4 LIRN EDDL 0 nm B737-800

Most Popular Aircraft Types

ICAO Name Full Name Routes Flown Total Hours Average Distance
1 B738 B737-800 B737-800 123 206 435
2 B744 B747-400 B747-400 21 58 832
3 A320 A320-200 A320-200 20 26 337
4 B77W B777-300 B777-300 9 26 1,239
5 B77L B777-200F B777-200F 8 19 766
6 BEH B1900D B1900D 8 6 122
7 B748 B747-800F B747-800F 7 15 676
8 A332 A330-200 A330-200 2 11 2,380
9 B772 B777-200 B777-200 2 9 2,087
10 B789 B787-900 B787-900 1 1 289


Landing Rates

Airline Best:-26 ft/min
Airline Average:-250 ft/min

ACARS Client Use

ACARS Client PIREPS Submitted
1 cACARS 101
2 CCFTracker Free 88
3 manual 10
4 kACARS 2
Online Users

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