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Flight SXS4110

Pilot: Oreste Bellini
Origin:Copenhagen Kastrup Airport (EKCH)
Destination:Dusseldorf Int. Airport HUB (EDDL)
Aircraft:B737-800 (TC-SED)
Flight Time:01:10
Landingrate:-515 ft/min
Status: Accepted

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Oreste Bellini EKCH EDDL [15:14:44z] Recording started... [15:14:44z] User Aircraft: Airbus A320 Airbus Indus [15:14:44z] Flight Phase: Boarding [15:16:22z] Flight Phase: Pushback [15:17:28z] Flight Phase: Gate Closed [15:17:48z] Flight Phase: Taxi Out [15:19:59z] Flaps 2 at 32 ft MSL with 11KIAS [15:19:59z] Flaps 3 at 32 ft MSL with 11KIAS [15:21:24z] Flight Phase: TakeOff [15:21:45z] Gear Up at 46 ft MSL with 147KIAS [15:21:56z] Flight Phase: Climbing [15:22:09z] Flaps 2 at 1070 ft MSL with 171KIAS [15:22:10z] Flaps 0 at 1134 ft MSL with 174KIAS [15:27:18z] Flight Phase: Level Flight [15:30:23z] Flight Phase: Climbing [15:42:54z] Flight Phase: Cruise [15:59:46z] Flight Phase: Descending [16:09:07z] Flight Phase: On Approach [16:11:34z] Flight Phase: Level Flight [16:12:30z] Flight Phase: On Approach [16:12:32z] Flight Phase: Level Flight [16:13:06z] Flight Phase: On Approach [16:13:32z] Flight Phase: Level Flight [16:19:01z] Flight Phase: On Approach [16:20:17z] Flaps 1 at 4682 ft MSL with 211KIAS [16:20:56z] Gear Down at 3792 ft MSL with 209KIAS [16:21:37z] Flaps 3 at 2841 ft MSL with 180KIAS [16:21:38z] Flaps 4 at 2792 ft MSL with 178KIAS [16:21:39z] Flaps 5 at 2792 ft MSL with 178KIAS [16:22:12z] Flight Phase: Landing [16:24:56z] Touchdown with a vertical speed of -515ft/min [16:24:56z] Landed [16:24:56z] Flight Phase: Taxi In [16:25:16z] Flaps 4 at 162 ft MSL with 1KIAS [16:25:16z] Flaps 3 at 162 ft MSL with 1KIAS [16:25:17z] Flaps 0 at 162 ft MSL with 1KIAS [16:29:29z] Recording stopped [16:29:29z] Max. Simrate: 1x [16:29:29z] Client: CCFTracker Free [16:29:29z] Client Version: 1.2


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